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There are two ways to place your order

To receive quantity discounts, for LTL shipments and for the regional drop off locations, you need to use the mail in order form.

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How it Works

Once you place your order, the potatoes are yours, we are just holding them for you until you are ready to plant them in the spring. We recommend you receive your potatoes at least 1 week before you want to plant them, but more time can be better. When we ship your potatoes, they will be coming out of our cooler and be in "deep dormancy." Being dormant over the winter allows them to hold and be ready to grow in the spring, but they need time to wake up. By placing them in light and warmth - but not too hot - they will awaken and will be ready to grow once you plant them. You will want your seed potatoes to be at least as warm as your soil, usually mid 50's.

We have multiple options for you to get your potatoes. You can pick up at the farm and we ship both packages and LTL. We also offer regional distribution points in Minneapolis and Naperville, IL, we drop off at these location once in the spring.