Our harvest occurs from late August into September. We then hold the seed potatoes until you are ready for them in spring. We store the potatoes in optimal conditions: complete darkness, high humidity and 38 degrees. This ensures that you will receive high quality seed. When you receive you potatoes, there may not be any eyes visible. This is because the potatoes have been dormant all winter, and need warmth and light before they are ready to start growing.

We recommend you receive your potatoes at least 1 week before you want to plant them, but more time can be better. When we ship your potatoes, they will be coming out of our cooler and be in "deep dormancy." Being dormant over the winter allows them to hold and be ready to grow in the spring, but they need time to wake up. By placing them in light and warmth - but not too hot - they will awaken and will be ready to grow once you plant them. You will want your seed potatoes to be at least as warm as your soil, usually mid 50's.

What yield can I expect from my seed?
What size should I cut my seed pieces?
When can I receive my seed potatoes?
How should I prepare my seed?

You will want to let the potatoes warm up before planting. When we ship your see, the potatoes are coming directly out of our cooler, once you receive them you will want them to warm up to the at least the temperature of the soil they are being planted in. Exposing them to light also sarts the growing process. After cutting, you should let the seed pieces heal over for 1 to 2 days, the cut area will form a skin.  

You can also green sprout or chit your potatoes, this is a more involved process that we have experimented with. I really like the idea of chitting, but because we are so busy shipping orders in the spring, we are not able to do it for our own potatoes. To chit your potatoes, expose them to light, but not direct sunlight, in preferably cool temperatures, as close to 50 to 55 degrees as possible, for 4 to 6 weeks. Chitting your seed potatoes should result in short, thick sprouts. Make sure not to allow your potatoes to freeze while they are chitting. 

What spacing should I plant my seed pieces?
How many pounds do I need to order?
How many seed pieces should I plant in a grow bag or pot?

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